Home Security Grilles


Home Security Grilles

The way we secure our homes is very important as we need to achieve a balance between what will best protect our property from burglars and thieves to what is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.   It has to be functional not only from a physical and visual point of view but also from a usability aspect. If we need to routinely attach large heavy steel grilles to all the openings of our homes every time we went out or retired up to bed every night it would be a laborious task. That let’s be honest we would probably only carry out this tiresome routine only once or twice. Security needs to be discreet and easy to use for the home owner but have enough visual impact and physical presence to put off burglars.

The concept of having security grilles in our homes is not everyone’s idea of the perfect décor. But grilles have moved on somewhat since the day of having black heavy steel bars and prison style grilles installed. Security has to fit in with our homes and when not in use needs to fit in with our lives. There are numerous types of grilles that fit into this category these are commonly referred to as either concertina grilles or retractable grilles, with a sub category of tracked (made to measure grilles) and untracked (off the shelf) types of grilles.

Both these styles of grilles use a steel lattice design with is held together with either rivets or bolts allowing the grille to retract in horizontal direction to either fully extend (open position) or fully retract (closed position) and neatly stack or bunch up into a fraction of their overall width. This concertinaing action makes these types of grille ideal for homes as when they are opened they present very visual impact and more often or not can be hidden from view behind curtains within the reveal of the opening.

The made to measure grilles are made to order and run in a top and bottom track. Usually taking anything from one week to three weeks to manufacture and deliver to the customer. These types of grille tend to be stronger than the off the shelf range of trackless grilles and some of them have insurance approval and have been attack tested.

The off the shelf range of security grilles come in three different standard types. A window grille a door grille and an emergency fire escape grille all coming in several different height combinations and in a variety of widths. These grilles can be dispatched the same day as ordering and offer a relatively cheap but effective security solution. The trackless grilles can be used in a variety of domestic or commercial situations but are most commonly used on patio doors in homes or over emergency fire escapes using the thumb turn lock facility on business premises. The grilles can even be joined together to create a barrier with T trolleys added to enable the grille to span openings in public areas such as shopping centres, airports and schools.

The retractable grilles offer a neat solution that is both effective in its design and aesthetically pleasing for both home owners and businesses alike.

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