Keep out sneak-in thieves


Keep out sneak-in thieves

None of us can believe the fantastic weather we have been having recently. It’ September and the weather feels more like July. It really makes you feel like getting out into the garden and tidying up. Having a BBQ with family and friends or maybe doing the odd DIY job on the exterior of the house.

Being outside and preoccupied with gardening or painting often means that the house is left unlocked and vulnerable. Thieves become more active this time of year and have no second thoughts about creeping into your house to steel your valuables, especially wallets, purses, mobile phones and laptops as they are so easy to carry off and sell on. They know that we tend to leave windows and doors open as we have a false sense of security in our minds that because we are close by no one will attempt to just stroll into the house and steel anything. This is exactly what the thieves want you to think.

The fact is that while you are at the bottom of the garden weeding or up a ladder painting, the sneak in thief knows you are unlikely to notice or hear them as they creep into the house through the unlocked or even open door, steeling your wallet of the kitchen table or grabbing your mobile phone is child’s play. Worst of all they may even take your house and or car keys resulting in a real nightmare for you.

More often than not you will not even know that someone has been into the house as there are no signs of a break-in, no mess no fuss. It usually becomes apparent when you can find you phone or wallet that you left on the kitchen table. The penny will drop that you haven’t missed placed them but they have in fact been stolen. Very rarely the thieves are caught just as they get to the door by a neighbour or you may notice them out of the corner of your eye. When challenged they always have an excuse that they are looking for someone call “Mike or Dave” and they thought this was their house!

It’s not rocket science preventing the sneak -in thief. Taking some basic precautions will keep your house and its valuables safe from these opportunists.

  • Firstly keep the doors locked ( I know it’s a pain locking and un-locking doors all the time but it’s a habit that you need to get use to)
  • Keep low level windows locked or if you need to leave them open lock them into a narrow position if possible.
  • Although you don’t want anyone sneaking into the house its worth remembering not to leave expensive equipment outside as well e.g. power tools if you have to go back in to the house to answer the phone for example anything left unattended outside can also be tempting to a thief.
  • If possible have a gravel drive or path so thieves can easily be heard if walking upon it.
  • It makes good sense not to leave any valuables on show at all times especially phones, wallets and keys etc.
  • Something as simple as having a small bell that is attached to your front or back gate will alert you if anyone has opened it.

The simple answer is to remember to always keep the door locked if you are in the garden especially if it is out of sight, and don’t leave any valuables laying around where they can be seen and easily stolen.

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