Ten Simple Steps to Help Secure Your Property.

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Ten Simple Steps to Help Secure Your Property.

The basic rule here is quite straight forward make your house as unattractive as possible to the burglar as possible, don’t make it easy for them. You have got to make your property seem occupied even if it isn’t. Here are some tips and ideas to keep that un-wanted guest from even attempting to break-in.

  1. Always ensure that you have some kind of lighting in the house and if possible illuminates more than just the hall. You can buy special light fittings that turn on lights as dusk approaches or use a simple timer. No one wants to return to a dark house anyway. Use external lighting which is activated by movement.
  2. Leave something audible on in the house i.e. a radio.
  3. If you have the Venetian type of blinds fitted leave them slightly open at an angle so you can see out but no-one can see in. Old fashioned agreed but net curtains do also work.
  4. Keep hedges and bushes at the front of your property well pruned as they will provide cover for a burglar. An alternative to this is to use Rose bushes or a Pyracantha type of bush with large spikes as these can actually act as a natural but very effective barrier.
  5. Burglars don’t want to draw attention to themselves, having a gravel path or driveway will make sufficient noise to put them off walking down it.
  6. Don’t hang up your keys near the back door or in view from a window. Having your keys stolen is a real headache and expense!
  7. Keep your tools secured in the shed or garage and your ladders chained up. Keep anything that looks like it could be used to force entry into your house well out of view.
  8. When buying expensive electrical goods like television’s and computers don’t leave the empty boxes on show next to your bin, you are just advertising what’s worth stealing
  9. If you are away for a week or two don’t let mail, newspapers or leaflets pile up at your door. Get a neighbour to remove them every few days
  10. Ultimately use some kind of physical security, extra locks on doors and windows or grilles and gates installed over vulnerable openings like French doors or Patio doors.

Burglars want an easy life that’s why they break-in to your house, follow the simple steps above and you will almost certainly deter the average opportunist. If you feel that you are more high risk then read our next article on physical security.

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