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What is a Roller Shutter?

A roller shutter is a physical security item that can be installed internally or externally.  Manufactured from either steel or aluminium and even timber the main body or curtain is made up from slats or laths that are formed to slot together making a solid barrier.  The curtain is attached to a barrel which is then suspended between two end plates. The curtain then runs in vertical guide rails keeping it running parallel.  When fully opened the curtain coils around the barrel which is house in a head box.


Roller shutters can be used on domestic or commercial properties and offer a highly visually deterrent to intruders.  They can be manually or electrically operated can be individually controlled or in groups.  The shutter curtain can be solid, perforated, punched, punched and glazed, or made up from tubes and links.  Shutters can also be powder coated or even have images printed on to them.  A versatile, secure and relatively low maintenance product.


What is a Fixed Grille?


A fixed grille is manufactured from steel and can be installed internally or externally.  It can be made into numerous different patterns ranging from a traditional straight bar prison style to highly decorative wrought iron design. Fixed grilles can be used commercially or in a domestic environment. They offer a whole spectrum of security levels depending on the gauge and strength of the steel used to manufacture them. Fixed grilles can be galvanised and powder coated to give a long lasting and high quality finish.


What is a retractable/concertina/folding grille?


A retractable grille is a made to measure product that runs in a top and bottom track. Manufactured from galvanised steel that can be powder coated it offers security and functionality. Easy to operate and very versatile the sash which is made up from a lattice work of steel held in place with upright pickets they can be folded away to a fraction of its overall size.  The sashes can either lock centrally “Bi-Parting” or fold to the left or to the right “single sash”


The lattice on the grille can also have two designs a traditional diamond lattice or a curved “S” lattice. Other features unique to retractable grilles include lift up tracks if it is installed over a doorway, hinge aside facility allowing a folded up sash to pivot through 90 or even 180 degrees giving clear openings for narrow door ways. They can be installed on the surface “Face Fixing” to cover the opening or within the reveal a neater and stronger solution.


Retractable grilles can be used for commercial or domestic properties and can be installed internally or externally. They come in range of security levels from medium right up to insurance approved and very high security for clients such as the ministry of defence and the government.


What is a steel door?


Steel doors are used in a variety of commercial and domestic applications.  They provide a whole spectrum of security levels ranging from low through to extremely high and can be used in numerous environments.  There are several types of steel doors including personnel doors, plant room and substation doors, fire escape doors and fire rated doors (giving 2, 3 and 4 hour protection from fire) and finally domestic styled steel doors.


A steel door has many advantages over traditional timber doors they can be manufactured with numerous locking systems, can be made to cover very large openings, can have removable side and top panels and can be powder coated any colour required and can louvers fitted them.


What’s the difference between a Roller Shutter and a Security Grille?


Security grilles can be fixed, retractable, hinged or removable.  Usually they are installed inside the building they are protecting are made to measure and powder coated.  They offer security at all levels from low to high including insurance and police approval.


Roller Shutters generally are installed externally offering a high degree of visual deterrent and physical security.  Operation of the shutter can be manual or electric. If several electric shutters are installed on the same site they have the option of being operated simultaneously if needed from one switch. Roller shutters can be made from steel or aluminium and can have solid, punched or perforated slats. Grilles and roller shutters offer various levels of security and both products have within they respective range insurance and police approval.


Should I have a manual or electric roller shutter, I can’t decide?


Just about all sizes and types of roller shutters can be made to be electrically operated.  All roller shutters over a certain size must be electrically controlled due to their weight and for health and safety reasons. Electric shutters have safety devices fitted to them such as anti-drop brakes if the motor should fail and manual-overrides if the power is cut off to the motor.  Electric shutters can be operated remotely and in groups if required.  The price difference between an electric roller shutter and a manual shutter is actually quite small, and as the cost of electrics further decreases this price gap will also reduce. 


What is Insurance Approved?


The Loss Prevention Council or LPC have been set up to independently attack and test security products giving them a score from one to six. This testing gives consumer’s confidence that the security product they are buying provides them with the best level of security they require for their particular risk. Level one is the lowest level with level six being the highest and applies to products that would be bomb proof and used by the ministry of defence.


How do I Know what level of security my choice of product offers?


To provide consumers with a clearer idea as to how secure the product they have purchased is the Loss Prevention Council will attack and test grilles, shutter and steel doors. The test enables the product to be put under similar conditions as if it were being attacked by a burglar.  The tests are timed and different tools are used depending on what level of security the product is being tested for.


What is a Telescopic Post/Bollard, and what are Hoop Barriers?


A telescopic post allows the user to lower the post into a ground sheath concreted into the substrate making it flush with the surface. This is make it ideal for use in front of garages or drive ways and the perfect deterrent for commercial garage fore-courts and to limit vehicle access. Other products similar to the telescopic posts are static bollards which provide a fixed visible barrier.


Hoop barriers can be either static/fixed into position or can be removable, they provide a wider area of defence than bollards and posts.


What’s more secure installing internally or externally?


From years of experience we at QSec have found that installing all types of security grilles and roller shutters internally where possible will provide the best level of security.


The main reason for this is that externally installed products can easily be attacked by burglars without being detected.  The fixings can be tampered with and the shutter or grille can be damaged or vandalised.


Having the security installed internally behind the glass gives another line of defence to the property owner.  The glass must be broken to access to the grille or shutter, by doing this the intruder has risked activating an alarm or drawing attention to themselves with the noise of breaking glass. All this extra effort and risk to the intruder often has the required effect of moving them on to an easier target.


Installing security internally also prevents products from deteriorating due to weather conditions and generally will require less maintenance.


What’s the most Cost Effective Security Product?


Our range of fixed security bars offer a good level of security with great value for money.  They can be vertical or horizontal mounted within a steel frame and have the option of being powder coated or galvanised.


Can I buy and install the products myself?


Yes all our products are available on supply only basis.  With our years of experience in the security industry we can guide you step by step to selecting the correct product for your particular requirements.  We have expert fitters in our team that can answer any installation queries you may have and all our products come with full fitting instructions.


What Warranty and Guarantees do I get?


All our security products carry a full one year guarantee against manufacturing defects, with the retractable grilles and some of our roller shutters having a two year warranty against defect of material or workmanship from date of purchase. Our roller shutters which have a Somfy Motor installed carry a five year guarantee against faulty materials and workmanship.


For further details on warranties and guarantees please see our terms and conditions.