58% Vision Security Roller Shutter

58% Vision Security Roller Shutter

– Available Sizes -Made to Measure
– Construction- Single Walled Aluminium Curtain with Extruded Aluminium Guide Rails.
– Options- Punched or solid salts 58% Vision when punched slats are used.
– Used For- Securing mainly large retail outlets and shops
– Security Rating – Medium/High dependant on application
– Operation – Manual or electric
– Fixing – Face or Reveal Fixing Available
– Finish –Standard Colours of curtain are white, brown or cream. Guide Rails white or brown only. Entire shutter can be coated any colour from our standard range at an additional cost to give a superior finish.
– Ideally suited for- Retail applications particularly popular where local authorities insist on a see through type of roller shutter being installed. Favoured by Retail Shops wanting a higher grade shutter than traditional Steel Shutters.


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The 58% Vision Security Roller Shutter is the ideal choice of security shutter for large openings and windows that require security, aesthetics and a high degree of transparency. The curtain runs in strong extruded aluminium guide rails with box section for reinforcement and fixing, with an attractive angled head box for housing the curtain once opened.

The punched slats can also be strengthened further by inserting 1.5mm thick polycarbonate making the shutter even more secure. Also two punched designs are available the standard “in-line” or the”brickbond” as a cost option.

The shutter can be powder coated any colour from our extensive range at an additional cost, aluminium powder cats extremely well giving a durable high grade finish.

Spring loaded with bottom slat lock as standard or electric operation with numerous controls available from key switches to remote control operation.

A safety brake will be required to prevent the shutter from suddenly descending if the power should fail (only on shutters over a certain size and weight)

A manual over-ride may be needed if the electric roller shutter option is used and installed over a doorway, shop entrance office foyer etc.