Compact Bar Shutter Light Weight

Compact Bar Shutter Light Weight

– Available Sizes -Made to Measure
– Construction – Aluminium Guides and Box with Foam Filled Aluminium Slats Solid or Vented.
– Used For- A lightweight compact shutter ideal for bars and serveries
– Security Rating – Low Security
– Operation – Manual or Electric
– Fixing -Can be Face Or Reveal Fixed
– Finish – Powder Coated White, Cream, Brown or Wood Grain
– Ideally Suited for –Bars, Serveries, Receptions and Kiosks.


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The QS-150 Light Weight Compact Bar Shutter uses a double skinned foam filled salts running in extruded aluminium guide rails with an aluminium head box.  This neat product also has the option of using a vented slat which will allow a degree of light through the shutter curtain when it is partially opened.

Operating the shutter can be done using a belt winder, a rod crank, spring loaded or electric operation, which method depends on the size weight of the roller shutter.

If the shutter is electric then a manual over-ride which can be used to raise or lower the shutter in the event of a power failure can be added as an optional extra.