Decorative Wrought Iron Grilles

Decorative Wrought Iron Grilles

– Available Sizes – Made to Measure to your exact requirements.
– Construction –Solid steel bar, box section and various steel decorative component parts.
– Used For- Protecting windows or doors either commercially or for domestic dwellings.
– Security Rating – Medium to High dependent on materials used.
– Available Configurations- Fixed or Hinged.
– Finish – Primer Coated, Powder Coated and Hot Dipped Galvanised Options.
– Main Purpose – Providing a highly decorative aesthetic solution for protecting windows.



The QS Decorative Wrought Iron Grilles have been designed to give our customers more than just a security grille or gate.  What they will have is a unique bespoke item made just for them ensuring the highest level of build quality, functionality and security is catered for.  Each item will be custom made to your particular requirements using our own classic wrought iron design.  Alternatively if you want something a little more unique we can manufacture to your own personal taste meaning you have an item that is totally individual.

All our made to measure steel products are produced in house in our own workshops by fabricators with years of experience, nothing is mass produced everything is individually hand made.

The finish on our steel products includes a primer coat of paint as standard, galvanising and powder coating are also available.