Fire Curtains

Fire Curtains

– Available Sizes -Made to Measure
– Construction- Curtain manufactured from stainless steel wire reinforced glass fabric. Guide rails galvanised steel two piece designed to expand in the event of a fire to seal the curtain in place.
– Options- Solid Only
– Used For- Fire Protection Only.
– Operation-Electric with battery backup in the event of a power failure
– Fixing – Face or Reveal Fixing Available
– Finish –Fully galvanised steel guide rails come a standard in white powder coated finish but can be powder coated any colour from our standard range at an additional cost. Curtain Grey Fabric.
– Ideally suited for- Large open areas in office, hospitals, schools and colleges.

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The QS-FC Fire curtain is only operated in the event of a fire alarm descending to control the spread of fire progressing though large open plan spaces. Tested to control a fire for up to two hours the QS-FC Fire Curtain is neatly housed in a compact box unit hidden from view until it is required.

Once triggered by an alarm signal the Fire Curtain will descend in a controlled manor to establish a fire proof barrier. If the power has been affected then the Curtain uses a battery back-up (supplied as standard) as a fall back device to operate it automatically.

The QS-FC is powered by a tubular motor that carries a five year warranty with several control options available.  Other additional extras include smoke and heat detectors and a choice of audio visual devices.