Securing your Home – Grilles or Shutters?


Securing your Home – Grilles or Shutters?

Our home is our castle it’s a place where we want to feel safe and secure. The very thought of a burglary makes us feel uncomfortable but statistically we all accept that sooner or later the chances of a break-in are unfortunately quite high.

There are numerous ways of protecting your home, obviously an alarm is important first step but it will not stop a burglar gaining entry into your property. Using a security product that provides an actual physical barrier is the next logical step. Looking at your home from the point a burglar’s point of view is a good way of deciding just which areas are the most vulnerable.

This tends to be the rear of the property especially Patio doors or French doors. The next decision is deciding what product you should use and whether or not it needs to be installed internally or externally.

We can offer two options here the retractable grille usually installed internally or the roller shutter which tends to be installed externally. These two products are very different in appearance but both offer an excellent level of security and visual deterrent to the burglar.

Retractable grilles offer a level of security is both highly visible but also has some aesthetic qualities. The fact that it is installed internally means that you can operate the grille without having to go outside, and it is not subjected to the elements. More importantly it offers a better level of protection as being installed internally means it cannot be tampered with as it is fitted behind the glass which would have to be broken first, either triggering an alarm or alerting a neighbour or passer-by.

Roller shutter on the other hand, especially on domestic properties tend to be installed on the outside of the area they are securing. This offers good physical and visual protection but can have some draw backs. Shutters over approximately two metres square usually need to be electrically controlled for ease of use. A shutter when in its closed position will mean the room inside will be in total darkness also a shutter that has been closed for several days may actually highlight that the occupiers may be away.

Roller shutters and retractable grilles both have advantages and disadvantages but what they both have in common is a physical barrier that will make burglars think twice before attempting a break-in.

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