Security Garage Doors

security garage doors

Security Garage Doors

Let’s be honest we don’t tend to keep our cars in the garage anymore unless of course it’s a classic Porsche or something similar. The garage has become an extended store room for all the so called “stuff” we have no room for in the house. But have you ever considered just how much value in real terms you have in the items in your garage. In fact some single items like power tools, lawn mowers and mountain bikes have typically a value in excess of hundreds of pounds with some push bikes being easily over a thousand pounds. From a thieves perspective these items are easy to steel, transport and sell on. So how is your garage protected? Usually a traditional steel up and over manually operated door covering the entrance, possibly a side window with glass and a wooden back or side door. In fact if you have an integral garage with a door leading into the house then your home could be at risk as well.

The up and over door which is awkward and heavy to use, needs painting every couple of years and is no threat to a burglar need to be replaced. We offer a range of security roller garage doors which not only have insurance approval but look good and offer insulation as well due to the foam filled slats. They come in a range of colours and can be remote controlled for ease of use in fact you could say they are the perfect garage door.

The window at the side of the garage requires a grille, this can be internally or externally fitted. Although we feel that internal fitting gives you the best level of security. Using the QSec security mesh or a fixed Diamond lattice grille will give you the peace of mind you require. Finally the old wooden door can be replaced with one of our off the shelf domestic steel doors with multi-point locking and powder coated white.

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